First her own drama with Karrueche Tran, then the nightclub brawl between Chris Brown and Drake, now this. Who’s fighting for Rihanna this time?

Turns out it’s actually her bodyguard. The ‘Where Have You Been’ singer was exiting a nightclub (where else does she hang out?) in London when one of her goons went off on a paparazzo.

Rihanna’s bodyguard was trying to clear a space for the songstress to get into her vehicle without any issues, but TMZ reports that a photog got uncomfortably close to the car. The guard pretty much just wanted RiRi to exit the Whiskey Mist nightclub quickly and safely — hey, it makes his own job easier if she stays out of trouble. That’s tough to do when flashes are going off and people are swarming your SUV!

The guard wasn’t pleased with one pesky paparazzo who insisted on snapping shots when the group was trying to bounce, and said guard wasted no time trying to reason with the guy. Instead, he punched him square in the face, knocking him down.

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