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If you need a ‘Refill’ of Elle Varner, look no further than her latest single, ‘I Don’t Care.’ The yearning ballad is from her long-awaited debut album ‘Perfectly Imperfect,’ which hits stores on Aug. 7.

Produced by her go-to collaborators Pop & Oak, Varner sings deeply about falling in love with the man of her dreams. “How do you make me smile / Simply by tellin’ the time / You got the zealous size, eyes, I / I could just stare all day lay there and melt away / I’m such a helpless case, case, case,” she coos.

‘I Don’t Care’ is the perfect love ballad for those warm romantic nights when your with your significant other. It perfectly compliments the 22-year-old songbird’s previous ballad ‘Refill,’ which reached Top 10 status on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart.

Varner’s ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ album boasts 11 songs, including ‘I Don’t Care,’ and no features outside of J. Cole on the ubiquitous hit ‘Only Wanna Give It to You.’ The collection also includes ‘So Fly,’ an inspirational women’s anthem about handling self-esteem and image issues.

From love to empowerment, it’s evident that Elle Varner has a passion for making soulful R&B music that connects with her fans. One listen to ‘I Don’t Care’ is proof positive of that.

Check it out:

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