Another day, another Kanye West outburst. This time, ‘Ye had to chastise a concertgoer for throwing a coin onstage. Yes, a coin. This all happened while West was performing in Dublin, Ireland on his Watch the Throne tour. Luckily for us, it was captured on video.

While Yeezy was performing the ‘Good Life,’ he fumbled his lyrics and ordered the DJ to cut the song and replay it again. “I’m not trying to make any excuses but some motherf—er threw a f—in’ coin up here and, like, threw me all the way off,” he says as he picks up the coin and shows it to the crowd.

“Don’t throw no hard s— up here while we’re performing, seriously,” he continues, scolding the fan. ‘You f—ed up for everybody. I was having a perfect show, flawless victory.”

We can understand that West is a perfectionist when it comes to his stage show, but getting frustrated over a coin is a bit much. Right?

This latest incident follows less than a week after West screamed at a fan for pointing a laser at him during his Paris show with Jay-Z.

Do we spot a new concert trend happening here?

The Throne better hire security to check for office supplies and loose change in fan’s pockets at the door. We kid, of course.

Do you think Kanye West was out of line with his latest concert outburst?

Watch Kanye West Scream at Dublin Fan Over a Thrown Coin

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