2 Chainz

There’s a reason why 2 Chainz was so apologetic about his tour bus standoff with Oklahoma police two weeks ago. According to a police report, the rapper’s mode of transportation had some major contraband onboard.

As we previously reported, 2 Chainz and his entourage held off authorities for eight hours after their bus was pulled over during a traffic stop in Oklahoma City, Okla. Hours later, the standoff came to an end and the Atlanta rhymer and his crew were arrested for obstructing the police.

Well, now, the results of the vehicle search have been disclosed, due to a police report obtained by TMZ,

According to the report, authorities found these items on Deuce’s tour bus: two semi-automatic pistols, a 12-gauge shotgun, marijuana paraphernalia, rolling papers, scales and prescription pills Hydrocodone and Flexeril.

Wow! 2 Chainz got some explaining to do!

In an interview with Nitecap’s Peter Bailey, the ‘Netflix’ rhymer insists that his arrest was unnecessary and wasting tax payers’ money.

“It’s very unfortunate. The [arrests] takes up a lot of time and money from taxpayers who are actually the entertainers,” he says. “So for me it comes to a point where it’s just overwhelming.”

We bet it is, um, overwhelming.

So far, no weapons or drug possession charges have been filed as of yet, but you better believe they are coming.

We wish 2 Chainz the best of luck, and hopefully, he has attorneys on retainer.

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