At first you think it’s just a regular scantily clad girl (and is it us or does she look a little like Selena Gomez?) until she starts to go fuzzy like stolen cable. She’s there, then she isn’t, but Breezy still follows his dream girl into his bed — and into a subsequent dream world within his covers. Brown is a bit of a clumsy romantic, outright imploring his dream girl to “get naked,” but he also mentions candles, so it balances out.

There, girls writhe on beds lined up on a rainy street (that doesn’t sound too comfortable), floating up and above their mattresses. Brown dances down the street and into a waiting limo, where more digitized women engage him — some two at a time. If nothing else, Breezy’s surely a technological visionary.

The car takes him to an apartment, where, as he’s wont to do, Brown rips off his shirt and makes out with the first girl in the rain, then on his bed. The footage cuts back and forth from Brown and fellow shirtless dancers doing some impressive choreography in a downpour. It’s an interesting watch, for sure, but maybe if Breezy would keep his electronics safe from all that water, they wouldn’t fizzle out on him.

Watch the Chris Brown ‘Sweet Love’ Video