Chris Brown is chasing the girl of his dreams in his just-released video for ‘Don’t Wake Me Up.’ Directed by Colin Tilley, the clip features Brown being stuck repeating the same dream as he follows a mysterious woman into the desert.

The R&B crooner has at least three different dreams about his love interest, including one that involves him being smashed into an oblivion inside a vintage car. Elsewhere, we get to watch a thrilling dance sequence of Breezy performing behind a picturesque sunset.

At the end of the clip, Brown finally catches up with his mystery woman, played by the beautiful Araya Nicks, in a futuristic world where love is being pumped through electrodes into his head. Or is he dreaming again?

The video reminds me of ABC’s 2006 canceled series ‘Day Break‘, in which a police officer repeatedly wakes up to the same day as he tries to solve a murder case. Of course, the ending is a subtle nod to ‘The Matrix‘ (no Keanu Reeves). All and all, ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ is good visual fun.

And don’t forget, Chris Brown’s new album ‘Fortune’ arrives in stores on July 3.

Watch the Chris Brown ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ Video