Nicki Minaj is denying reports that one her backup dancers was involved in a murder of a 21-year-old foreign exchange student in Japan. According to Irish Independent, the woman, Nicola Furlong, was killed by two unidentified American men after she and a friend attended a Nicki Minaj concert in Tokyo last week.

At the show, Furlong and her friend met the two men and left the show in a cab together and went to the Shinjuku hotel. According to police, one of the men allegedly sexually assaulted Furlong in his suite and subsequently strangled her. Meanwhile, another man raped Furlong’s friend. Authorities also believe that one of the men may have spiked Furlong’s drink before the incident.

So far, the men accused of this tragic murder have yet been officially identified. However, Perez Hilton may have falsely reported that one of Minaj’s background dancers was involved.

This sent Minaj to her Twitter account announcing that none of her dancers were questioned in the homicide investigation.

She tweeted, “@PerezHilton that person on your sight is NOT my dancer. We do NOT know the men in custody. Too much misleading information.” She then adds, “My dancers had nothing to do [with] this tragedy. No one in my entourage was questioned or arrested. They all flew home from Japan.”

The Perez Hilton website has since backpedaled from its initial report but did offer a half-a– apology. “So sorry to hear that Nicki herself got pulled into this mess!”

Upon hearing the news of Furlong’s murder, Minaj paid tribute to her with this heartfelt tweet: “Saddened to learn one of my precious fans; found tragically murdered in Japan. My love & prayers are with the family of Nicola Furlong.”