Rapper Drake reportedly has found himself in an unsolved mystery regarding a pricey Rolex watch. The New York Post is reporting that entertainment lawyer James McMillan is suing a jeweler for allegedly selling his watch to the Canadian hip-hopper, whom he believes still has it.

According to McMillan’s lawsuit, he took his watch to New York jewelry store Rafaello & Co. for a cleaning and when he returned a week later to pick it up, it was missing. Staffers at the store, which boasts Jamie Foxx and Alicia Keys as clients, told him that store owner, Rafael Aranbayev, loved the watch so much he’s now wearing it.

Assured that his timepiece would be returned, McMillan waited another week and went back to the store only to find that his watch is now officially “gone.”

The store offered him a replacement watch but he refused. After much persistence, McMillan found out that Drake is now the proud owner of his beloved $30,000 timepiece, according to his attorney, Claudine King. Apparently, the jewelry store allegedly sold the expensive watch to Drake despite it belonging to McMillan.

Lawyers for Rafaello & Co. say McMillan’s lawsuit has no merit and Aranbayev will be vindicated.

Meanwhile, sources close to Drake told TMZ that the rapper does not own a rose-gold Rolex watch and that McMillan’s claims is bogus. So for now, the “Case of the Missing Rolex” will have to be solved in a courtroom.