Twitter is in a tizzy over some old tweets by a number of famous artists, including Meek Mill, Action Bronson, Frank Ocean, Macklemore and many others, who s—ted on their rap peers before they were famous.

It started when Twitter user @SargeWP started retweeting old tweets from 2009 and 2010, taken from various rappers who were on the come-up at the time and decided to talk smack about more famous emcees.

Meek Mill, who is an artist on Rick Ross‘ Maybach Music Group, once upon a time spoke highly of 50 Cent while clowning Rozay in 2009. Even Wale gave Fif props for putting a hurting on the rap game — again, back in 2009.

On the flipside, almost every rapper in the game, including Machine Gun Kelly, has clowned Wale for being such a terrible rapper — again, we must stress, in old tweets.

“Wale dress like he got garbage man potential….only his kicks r nice lOls….Wale is the truth,” tweeted Trinidad Jame$ back in 2010. “wale=sleepy time rap music,” wrote Freddie Gibbs in 2009.

In a 2010 tweet, Detroit rhymer Royce da 5’9″ tweeted that “Drake look[ed] like Bart Simpson.” Even Iggy Azalea wasn’t feeling Drizzy back when she was coming up in the rap game. “lol dont get me wrong i love drake + his music. but they asked if id wanna date and hes not what i typically look for in a man, thats all,” she wrote.

Oops, there goes that Drake feature for her new album.

Would you believe that Frank Ocean once dissed his good friend Jay-Z. Yep. You can read it for yourself:


Hmm, we wonder how Mr. Ocean feels about Hov now that he’s won a Grammy award with him and Kanye West in 2013? Oh, and his thoughts on Nicki Minaj?


Ouch! Again, we must stress that these tweets occurred several years ago. We don’t think Ocean feels that way about the Queen Barbz now. Or does he?

Meanwhile, Macklemore has tweets slandering Eminem, J. Cole and Waka Flocka Flame, just to name a few.

Action Bronson is another rapper who dissed a slew of his peers back in 2009, including Em, A$AP Rockyand Drake. Awkward!

In his defense, Bronson went on Twitter and admitted that he wrote those tweets out of jealousy and being broke. He insists that he has no hatred for the aforementioned artists.

He tweeted, “It was jealousy that made me talk shit about Rocky and Drake. I want all the girls. I wanna be able to wear outfits.”

The A$AP Mob leader even took shots at Jay-Z. “jayz still a h– for releasin that pac diss AFTER his death #nevertrustacamel,” Rocky wrote.

Other rappers decided to do a mass exodus on their timeline and delete all of their tweets from 2009-2011.

However, gossip blog BallerAlert was able to take screenshots of most of the egregious tweets from rappers.

This Twitter scandal, dubbed “Hip-Hop Wiki Leaks,” is becoming a PR nightmare for some rap artists.

Unfortunately, nothing ever dies on the Internet. There will always be someone trying to dig up some old dirt on rappers. It’s the price of fame.

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