A set of triplet dolls sold at Toys ‘R’ Us are causing a backlash towards the company because some claim one of the dolls 
The ‘You & Me Play and Giggle Triplets’ set, sold for $39.99, are programmed to laugh, babble and cry, but the doll in pink sounds like it says, “You crazy b****.”

The dolls are made for children 2 and up.
“I’m naturally appalled and very shocked,” said Barbara Crosby, the Director of Baylor’s Piper Center for Family Studies and Child Development.
“It’s so important to help children with their language and their speech, and is this a word that parents want their children to say,” said Crosby.
An Arkansas attorney who filed a lawsuit against Toys ‘R’ Us last year, claims his client’s daughter heard the doll and started repeating the B-word.