You did not hear this from me some say T.I. maybe taking shots at Gucci Mane or Alley Boy…….T.I does a recent interview at Shade 45 with DJ Drama….
Here is what T.I. says about the new record:
“It was direct,” said Tip of the diss. “Now, the thing about who it was directed to – it benefits him more than me for me to put that out there. So I made thatdirectly in a way that only they will no. Therefore, so they cannot get any shine off of it.”


The Atlanta rapper surmised that others would step into the fray to bolster their reputations. “I’ma make a prediction… There shall be a few rappers that feel they will be benefited by accepting that burden, and they will step into that line of fire, knowing it is not them, but they will feel it is better for them to step into that line of fire, be hit and receive the benefits that come with being hit by a T.I. bullet.”

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