Death. Taxes. Rihanna showing skin. Those are the few sure things in life. RiRi loves to drop trou, drop top or just not wear anything at all. The ‘Where Have You Been’ singer debuted a larger-than-life billboard in New York’s heavily trafficked Times Square, promoting her new scent Rebelle. Guess what? She’s naked as the day she was born. We know, we were shocked too. Not!

Ri’s rocking flame red waves and extreme cat eyes in the billboard. Of course she looks gorgeous, because that’s what she is. She covers her ample assets with her arms, but she’s still splashed across a major intersection wearing nothing. It will surely stop traffic, both foot and car/cab/bike. We bet there’s a surge of loitering tickets and fender benders in Times Square that are a direct result of RiRi’s nakedness.

The Bajan beauty is not shy about showing off her body. But at this point, it’s not shocking and not as sexy as it would be if she did so in moderation.

The real thing – as in, RiRi the person — was in NYC on June 11 and she was wearing a pink bra top and skirt. The bra was see-through. While it wasn’t a nip slip, nothing, and we do mean nada, was left to the imagination. Her headlights were showing. It was like she flashed us without flashing us! She paired the summery top and skirt with black Converse sneakers, dressing it down significantly. You can see that photo in the blue button below.

These images are combined with the controversy over whether or not she used a body double in her skin baring Armani ads. Now, we defer to you, dear PopCrush readers. What do you guys think: Is RiRi showing too much skin at this point or are we crazy to even ask? Do you want to see more, more, more?


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