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Nicki Minaj posted a sexy selfie of herself that has everyone going crazy.

The photo, which she featured on Instagram, features the rapper topless with only her long, black hair covering her nipples. She felt no need to put a caption, just an image of a punching fist emoji.

Some fans took offense to the image, calling it “ratchet,” while others were left absolutely speechless. “WHAT TYPE OF SLAYAGE OMFG,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time she’s flaunted her breasts on the photo-sharing site. Last month, she participated in “Throwback Thursday” by posting an older image of herself covering her nips while a wedding dress fell at her waist.

Since her Instagram debut last month, Minaj has already made several blog headlines including one for showcasing a video of herself twerking in a pool.

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