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A couple of weeks ago I saw one of my Twitter followers post a Lil Wayne lyric and say something like “what was he thinkin?” You see, when a rapper pays homage to his city by quoting a lyric from a 15-20 year old song, I’m guessing he thinks his fans will look it up. The real issue is when lyrics, hooks, maybe even entire songs are stolen. Not all the time by artists from the city.

Sometimes these artists are just out to make a quick buck and have no respect for the original songs or artists. Not saying all of them…..but it has happened before. Probably will happen again…..and again…..and again.

This first one is the song I immediately think about every time I hear T.I. “Ball”…. check it out:

[audio:|autostart=no|titles=BUSS IT OPEN|artists=DJ DUCK]

This one is long but all you need to hear is the first 30 seconds to know who jacked this one and what song its in:

[audio:|autostart=no|titles=JUBILEE ALL|artists=DJ JUBILEE]

This one is self explanatory:

[audio:|autostart=no|titles=DROP AND GIMME 50|artists=10TH WARD BUCK]

This one is pretty interesting. I can think of a FEW songs that came from this one. Most of you will think of two by the time you hear the middle of the last verse tho. Check it:

[audio:|autostart=no|titles=DON’T YOU BE GREEDY|artists=UNLV (YELLA BOY)]

“Where they at” “Shake it like a salt shaker” “Must be ya ass cause it ain’t ya face” ….etc…etc…. This song has been jacked so much! Yes it was made in 1992. Check it:

[audio:|autostart=no|titles=WHERE THEY AT|artists=DJ JIMI]

While I was uploading a few bounce tracks I figured I ‘d give a few bonus tracks. Here’s the original Choppa Style:

[audio:|autostart=no|titles=CHOPPA STYLE (IF I COULD BE YOUR GIRL)|artists=CHOPPA]

Here’s the remix pre-No Limit/Master P:

[audio:|autostart=no|titles=CHOPPA STYLE (NEW)|artists=CHOPPA]

One of my personal favs:

[audio:|autostart=no|titles=RICKEY B|artists=Y’ALL HOLLA]

This one takes me back to High School. “N.O. Block Party!”

[audio:|autostart=no|titles=N.O. BLOCK PARTY|artists=PARTNERS-N-CRIME & DJ JUBILEE]

I could give you guys a few more but I’m sure you get the point. Now let me cue up my Triggaman and make a bounce remix. So the next time you hear a dance song, look up the lyrics. It may have Bounce roots.

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