Chris Brown has more songs than a bakery has cakes. The R&B crooner returns with another song that is not from his upcoming ‘Fortune’ album. The latest joint is called ‘What Your Girl Like’ and it features his ‘Look at Me Now’ co-star Lil Wayne.

On the bopping, synth-driven tune, Breezy and Weezy confidently brag about pleasing women whose boyfriends are unable to satisfy them in the bedroom. Brown is still a horny lil’ devil as he details his sexual prowess on the song. “She likes to get frisky every time she sees me / And she can’t pronounce my name because her lips are shakin’,” he sings. “She jumps up and down / Can’t get enough of it / And she can break it down every time we get busy.”

Wayne is also unapologetic about philandering ways. He raps: “Weezy F. Baby, Polo horse is on my underwear / Baby, I’m a beast and your boyfriend a gummy bear / But can I at least put some kisses on you under there / It ain’t my fault that I want you badder than some f—in’ air.”

Listen to Chris Brown, ‘What Your Girl’ Feat. Lil Wayne