Kelly Rowland2

Kelly Rowland has given notice about her family plans, revealing she has a special “sweetheart” and can’t wait to become a mum.Kelly Rowland1The private singer is refusing to name names but she reveals her secret guy isn’t famous, even though he’s a star in her eyes – and they were brought together by “mutual friends”.
She tells Access Hollywood Live, “A good fit for me is somebody who knows who they are as a man… and somebody who’s funny, which is definitely what my sweetheart is; he’s so funny, he brings out the best in me. I feel like I’m a better woman because of him.
“I am happy… He is famous and a star in my eyes… (but) I’m a very private person when I comes to that… That’s the only thing that I keep to myself.”
And her new guy might just be the one she’ll settle down with, admitting she’s ready to become a mum: “All of my friends have kids, and when I go to visit them I pick up the habits of them waking me up in the mornings, to fixing the food, to hanging out with them and kids are so cool.
“I’m like, ‘It would be nice to have one on my hip…’ I know I make it sound like it’s a backpack or something, but… All of my girlfriends have kids and all the kids are so much fun and I watch them be mothers and wives and I really would like that.”

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