Can you really have too much money? In the case of Kanye West, maybe. The rapper hired a private jet to fly him a whopping … 84 miles. Some people drive more than that to work on a normal day! The Mirror reports that Yeezy spent roughly $12,000 and change to hitch a private plane from Sheffield to Birmingham, England. For some perspective, a train ride from Sheffield to Birmingham would cost roughly $70.00. (Side note: Milwaukee to Chicago is 90 miles)

West’s spending didn’t stop there. He spent about another $8,500 on hotel accommodations for himself and Kim Kardashian. Their room itself ran about $1,800 a night, but it’s not like the couple would just sleep, shower and go in the measly 13 hours they stayed there. They actually rented out nine rooms, two of which were never used because her makeup team never showed up.

The romantic Ye also ordered two dozen white roses for K.K., but insisted they only be cut an inch above the vase to prevent the dreaded look of drooping, dying flowers. Another odd request? Fifty — yes, 50 — bars of white chocolate.

West shared the wealth, though. He also dropped another $1,800 at the bar for his entourage. Hey, Kanye — you hiring?

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