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Representatives for rapper DMX issued a statement to today (August 13th) and downplayed reports that the rapper was in trouble with the law again last night, just moments after he was released from a Los Angeles jail.

According to reports, DMX was allegedly stopped and ticketed for speeding in a rented Mercedez on Sunset Boulevard around 11:20 PM.

The rapper, who served 18 days of a 90-day jail sentence for a reckless driving conviction in 2002, was also allegedly driving without a license when officers stopped him last night.

DMX was issued a citation for driving without a license and will have to appear in court in the near future, according to

The passenger in the Mercedes-Benz was required drive the rapper home.

DMX’s manager Nakia Walker issued a statement to and blasted the media for their portrayal of DMX, born Earl Simmons.

“Obviously , DMX is not a criminal and for the record he was not issued a speeding ticket. The media portrays him to be this horrible person that just can’t get it together. This is so untrue,” Walker told “DMX is making every effort to rectify any and all old debts he owes to society, hence the Los Angeles county jail time. He surrendered himself to deal with that as part of the process on his road to redemption.”

According to Walker, DMX will be a busy, focused man, as he starts rebuilding his career.

“In the coming months you can expect to see and hear more about DMX as he positions himself back on the road to redemption,” Walker stated.

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