At 14, most boys have their heads in the clouds and eyes on the girls. But it was at 14 years of age that Hot Sauce realized the early bird gets the worm, and the early hustler gets the dollar.
His career began in 1994 at the now defunct KLPL in Lake Providence, LA. While anyone would be impressed with an adolescent night jock, Hot Sauce wanted more. By 17, he was mastering the turntables, and was involved in everything around the radio station, from programming to production.
In 1997, Hot Sauce moved to New Orleans, where he was heavily influenced by jazz and blues. He continued to perfect his craft for two long years, then got a call to take over the airwaves in Monroe, LA. KRVV was the place where things really started to open up for Hot Sauce, and in no time, he was not only releasing regional mix tapes, but was the go-to DJ for just about every club and concert venue in the area.
Working his way across the country, Hot Sauce was transferred to Meridian, MS (WJXM) in 2002, then Dothan, AL in 2003 to do nights at WDBT, which has since changed formats. In Alabama, he earned the title “King of Nights,” and is most known for throwing his birthday party at an unknown club and letting everyone drink free. Wonder why the party was a success…
In September 2004, after receiving a call from Clear Channel, Hot Sauce “caught a midnight train” to Columbus, GA and began on-air duties for start-up station WBFA 101.3 The Beat. There he was the midday jock, Music Director, and had an award-winning mix show. It was also in Columbus that he was introduced to the Legion of Doom Record Breakers and the Core DJ’s.
Always looking for a bigger audience, Hot Sauce moved further east to North Carolina to do nights at WIKS 101.1. In the short time he was there, he made a huge impact; his show was Arbitron rated #1 in all demos, and no one will forget the love he showed to local and regional artists.
From there Hot Sauce brought his southern flavor back to Louisiana in 2007, to do nights in Shreveport for KMJJ. His “Local Artist Spotlight” guaranteed his place in Shreveport’s radio history; whether it was spinning it in his mix show or putting it on the countdown, if a local artist had a hot song, you heard it from Hot Sauce first. And his #1 ratings, numbers which tripled the competition’s, cannot be contested.
North Carolina missed Hot Sauce, and apparently the feeling was mutual. He was back doing nights at WIKS like he never left. Then he left, knowing he would never be replaced…
Before the close of 2009, Hot Sauce moved on to Milwaukee and dominated the market. But the south was definitely calling him back. You can currently hear Hot Sauce “Spicin’ Up Your Nights” all over Alabama, in Montgomery and Birmingham, on Hot 107.5 and 104.1 The Beat, respectively.