Science and technology has given us so many things that have taken the place of conventional chores and tasks. The dishwasher, for example, can scrub down an entire load of dirty dishes and specialty soaps and detergents don’t even require people to pre-rinse them. Dryers can take the damp out of a whole load of laundry. The only chore that really hasn’t gotten a high tech makeover is making the bed. Until now.

Furniture maker OHEA claims they have built a “Smart Bed” that solves that little problem. It’s the first bed that can make itself automatically. A robotic mechanism underneath the mattress runs along either side of the bedsheet to straighten it while the pillows are lifted by two mechanical shelves. Watch a demonstration below.

This might sound like something that’s only made for the laziest of human beings, but it can serve a nobler purpose. OHEA wrote on their website that they hope to help the elderly or physically disabled with their innovation. It can also make life easier for those with chronic back pain or other physical problems. We’re assuming it also serves a great purpose for the chronically lazy and sloven.

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